Chanel Chiffon Thomas

Chanel Thomas was born in 1991 in Chicago, IL. Thomas is an interdisciplinary artist working often in hand embroidery mixed media painting and ceramic sculpture. Thomas identifies as a queer woman, but up holds strong religious values and beliefs. These personal ethics often blur the lines of identity and become immersed and entangled within Thomas’ relationships and ability to navigate the world. Often grappling with conflicting moral values, beliefs, and desires, Thomas primarily uses tactile methods of hand embroidery, collaged found material and paint to perform as and expressive visual language that interprets personal feelings of nostalgia, longing to belong, and affirmations of self identity.

She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Art Education from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2014. Thomas began her career as an educator teaching in Chicago Public Schools from 2014-2017. She is a current resident at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture in Maine, and will be attending Yale University in the fall pursuing a degree of Master Fine Art in Painting. Since 2010, Thomas has been a part of group exhibitions around Chicago, including projects at Gene Siskel Film Center, Museum of Science and Industry, Roots & Culture, South Side Community Art Center, and Woman Made Gallery. Soft Show at Roman Susan is her first solo exhibition. Thomas will have a following solo exhibition at Goldfinch Gallery in Winter 2018.